Mr. Mike Brzegowy

Master Brzegowy started martial arts training in August 1984 at Lee’s Martial Arts in Bloomington Indiana. Known for leading high energy, challenging and fun workouts, Master Brzegowy's “all out” physical style of teaching and "bonus classes", such as Thanksgiving Eve Massacre and the annual "Boot Camp" are highly revered by the students. Master Brzegowy and Master Johnson confer on all instructional aspects at GMAS to insure consistency and effectiveness in providing traditional Korean influences in the martial arts training  at GMAS. His two children, Emily & Jacob, are also accomplished black belts.

Master Brzegowy was inducted to the U.S.A. Martial Arts Alliance Hall of Fame as the 2013 Tae Kwon Do Instructor of the Year.

Mr. Danny New

Mr. New began his training in 1990 at Lee’s Martial Arts in Bloomington, Indiana. Trained in the traditional Korean art of Hapkido, Mr. New currently holds a 3rd degree Black Belt.

Mr. New has been an instructor for many years, and is the lead Hapkido instructor at GMAS.  He believes one of the greatest benefits of his martial arts training is being able to share what he has learned with other people.

Mr. Lee Cooper

Mr. Cooper began his training at the Bloomington Karate Center, in a small building across the street from the Penquin (which is now called the Chocolate Moose). In 1975 he received a Certificate of Achievement for exhibiting superior Tae Kwon Do skills and having an excellent attendance record, training 2-4 hours per day. Mr. Cooper earned his 1st Dan Black Belt in 1976 under Master Mu-Gil Lee, Master Ki-Duk Lee, Master Il Shik Kim, Master Park and Master Kwok. Says Mr. Cooper, “the expectations of the Korean Masters, well, let’s just say they didn’t just hand out belts, you earned them!” Mr. Cooper earned his 3rd Dan TKD Black Belt in 2017 at Guardian Martial Arts under Masters Johnson and Brzegowy.

Mr. Eric Scheid

Mr. Scheid, a 2nd Dan TKD Black Belt, began his martial arts training in 1984 at the Korean Tae Kwon Do Academy (KTA) in Washington, IN earning his 1st Dan Black Belt in 1988. He has also trained in Ryukyu Kempo (Green Belt), Modern Arnis, Shaolin Kung Fu and Hapkido (Green Belt) while staying active in marital arts through 1997. Mr. Scheid joined Guardian Martial Arts Studio in 2015 after a long break and prompting from his wife, Christy, and son, Sawyer, who is also a student at Guardian.

Mr. Scheid is living proof that it’s never too late to (re)start. Mr. Scheid enjoys incorporating his mixed-martial arts and physical science (engineering PhD) background into the traditional Tae Kwon Do taught to the students at GMAS.

Mr. James Shepard

Mr. Shepard has been studying martial arts for 10 years, first studying Hapkido under Grandmaster Kwan Seek Hyun and Master Soon-Joon Ahn in Chicago. He continued training in Bloomington under instructor Arlo Welty and currently holds a 2nd degree black belt in Hapkido, working under Master Bryan Robertson. Mr. Shepard also studies and holds rank in Taekwondo under Master Robertson and JKD/Kali/Eskcrima in the Martial Concepts method under Arlo Welty. Mr. Shepard further studies Datu Kelly Worden's Natural Spirit International/Worden Defense System and Pekiti Tirsia kali under NSI Indiana director of training Ryan Massette. During his time in the ranks, Mr. Shepard has worked security and VIP bodyguarding at several local venues. He hopes to bring a range of knowledge and practical real-world application/experience to let the student master key fundamental elements of the art. In understanding the deeper concepts and principles, they might better "connect the systems".

Miss Emily Brzegowy

You can imagine that as the eldest child of Master Brzegowy, Miss Brzegowy’s training began at a very early age, and is currently a 1st dan in Tae Kwon Do. Miss B is an Officer with the IU Police Department and also a full time IU student. She assists with teaching classes and judging promotion tests as her schedule allows. 

Miss Haley Thrasher

Miss Thrasher started her martial arts training when Guardian first opened in Harrodsburg in 2012. She consistently trained 4-5 classes per week since she began her training, and became the first student to complete the entire GMAS program, earning her 1st Dan TKD

Black Belt on October 21, 2016. She has been assisting Master Johnson in teaching weekly Lil Kicks students since 2015. Miss Thrasher is currently a sophomore at Indiana University, studying elementary education.

Miss Kenzie Elkes

Miss Kenzie Elkes began her journey to Black Belt at Lee's Martial Arts as a white belt, transferring to Guardian Martial Arts Studio when she was a Blue belt. She has exemplified discipline and dedication in her training; even while involved in several other extracurricular activites simultaneously continuing her training at Guardian. Miss Elkes achieved her 1st Dan TKD Black Belt on May 19, 2017, and along with her sister, Miss Richelle, assists Master Johnson with weekly Lil Kicks instruction.

Miss Richelle Elkes

Miss Richele Elkes began her journey to Black belt at Lee's Martial Arts as a white belt, transferring to Guardian Martial Arts Studio when she was a blue belt. She brings her witty and whimsical charm to the dojang, makes hard workouts look like fun, and is a fierce competitor. Miss Richelle Elkes achieved her 1st Dan TKD Black Belt on May 19, 2017 at Guardian Martial Arts Studio. Miss Elkes and her sister, Miss Kenzie, assists Master Johnson with weekly Lil Kicks instruction.

Sheriff Brad Swain

Mr. Swain was Guardian's very first enrolled student in 2012, and trained consistently during his five year journey to Black Belt. He did take some time off to (successfully) campaign for Monroe County Sheriff, but was quickly back in the dojang. Mr. Swain earned his 1st Dan TKD Black belt on June 30, 2017 at Guardian, and soon will test for his 1st Dan in Hapkido, as well.

Mr. Damon Ketcham

Mr. Ketcham originally enrolled his son in Tae Kwon Do, and after he trained for awhile, Mr. Ketcham decided he wanted to train alongside his son, and took up martial arts himself. His son, Zane, attends Hapkido classes. Mr. Ketcham is highly committed to teaching martial arts, since becoming the first student to progress through Guardian's program from white belt to black belt. He attained Black belt rank in BOTH Tae Kwon Do and Hapkido almost simultanously: Mr. Ketcham earned his 1st Dan TKD Black belt on June 30, 2017, and his 1st Dan HKD Black belt on July 14, 2017.

Meet your Instructors

Experience Matters.

Master Gary Johnson

“There is no magic that happens when you tie
a belt around your waist. Just putting on
a black belt doesn't make you a Black Belt.
I want our students to be proud of each belt
they earn, and everyone at GMAS will help them
to be the best martial artist they can be.”

Master Johnson began his martial arts training in 1983, and was instructed in a very traditional manner at Lee’s Martial Arts in Bloomington, Indiana (he was the owner of that studio from 1990-1991). The fundamentals mandated by Grandmaster Ki-Duk Lee inspired Master Johnson to instruct in a similar fashion, insuring that students who train at Guardian Martial Arts Studio receive all the benefits of a similar education and develop a deep appreciation and understanding for the traditional values of martial arts.

GMAS-trained students not only excel in executing their techniques --
​to the full extent of their ability -- they are expected to exemplify the honor of their martial art in everyday life, as well. Master Johnson is currently a 5th Dan Black Belt Master in Tae Kwon Do, and 2nd Dan in Hapkido. Whether you are taking martial arts classes to get in shape, gain confidence and strength, or you intend to fortify yourself to train very hard to achieve your black belt, Master Johnson is committed to helping you attain your goals. Commit to do your part and give your best, a consistent 110% effort. We guarantee to provide you 110% of ours.
​Your goals ARE within your reach.