Instruction in the art of...


It’s never too late to start. 

Simply come into the studio 15-30 minutes before any class to get registered. We have uniforms in stock, so you can sign up, dress out and begin right now.

NEW STUDENT TUITION (age 14-adult) is $65.00 per month, which allows the active Hapkido student to participate in at least 8 Hapkido classes per month AS WELL AS unlimited Tae Kwon Do classes and Arnis. So the more you commit to your training, the better the value! We recommend you attend 2 of the evening Hapkido classes offered each week. Promotion tests are conducted every few months and some students test and earn rank in all three styles.

ADDITIONAL FAMILY MEMBERS: Discounted tuition for additional immediate family members. Ask for details.

OTHER DISCOUNTS: 10% discount offered to Active and Retired: Law Enforcement, Firefighters, Military personnel