LIL KICKS is tailored especially for 5, 6, 7 and 8 year olds. It gives young students a fun way to achieve a solid foundation in martial arts, and infuses some important life skills, such as discipline, self-control, and respect for others. We incorporate lots of structured, creative exercise and physical activity! No belt rank promotion is expected, and there are no test fees. A student who "outgrows" LIL KICKS at age 9 and plans to continue their martial arts training with us will "graduate" to our regular evening classes. 

We believe that kids in this age group benefit greatly from an introduction to the many positive behaviors that are taught and reinforced throughout all levels of martial arts training:

-- Respect for Others
A strong emphasis will be placed on teaching kids to have respect
for other students, adults, the instructors, and the school.

-- Coordination & Balance
Practicing stances, punches and kicks will improve coordination and balance.

-- Self Confidence
Using your voice: the Kiup! The Kiup serves many important functions.
When properly timed it can be used to distract an opponent, and create
an opening for your attack. Psychologically, it increases your strength,
courage, and fighting spirit. The Kiup should not be a scream, but rather
a deep, loud, and abrupt sound. In training, kiups are executed on the
last strike in a series of techniques and used to emphasize major
movements in a pattern. It also assists in breath control.

-- Discipline & Self Control
​ Starting at an early age will help a child learn to focus their attention
on a task, be attentive and follow directions.

-- Basic Korean Terminology
The meaning of Tae Kwon Do, how to count to ten, important phrases,
and names of the basic stances and kicks will be learned over time.

-- Transitioning into Regular Student Classes:
You may see some LIL KICKS students wearing a white belt with a
yellow stripe. There is no formal "test" to earn this rank. This provisional
​ yellow belt is given to a LIL KICKS student by Master Johnson to
recognize individual achievement of this student having reached his/her
level of proficiency in technique, skill, attitude, and maturity. This is a
transitional stage, which entitles the child to begin learning higher skills in
regular evening classes, while still participating in LIL KICKS. 

Once a student in regular evening classes formally tests for his/her yellow
belt rank, or nears (or reaches) age nine, students start attending regular
evening classes exclusively.

​LIL KICKS classes:  
Every Saturday from 9 - 10 am.
Only $25.00/month

Your child's first class is always free to try
Observe a class anytime
Jump right in... any Saturday!
(please arrive 15-20 minutes early on your 1st day)

A solid beginning!

Lil Kicks Tae Kwon Do

for 5-8 year olds.